NOTE (Written July 30, 2014):

I'm sorry to inform you that I am no longer accepting students for this service.


Essay Grading Service

I can correct and grade your IELTS essays if you send them to me by email.

The cost are: 

165 for each Academic Task 1 essay

135 for each General Training Task 1 essay (a letter)

250 for each Task 2 essay, both GT and AC.

The equivalent costs in (American or) Australian dollars are $30 for each AC Task 1, $25 for each GT Task 1, and $45 for each Task 2 (both AC & GT). You can send the money to me in any currency my bank account automatically converts it to Australian dollars.

You will need to send the money to my bank account before I do the work. That can be done from any bank, not just the bank where you have an account. You can also use PAYPAL to pay me. That's cheaper than paying the bank transfer fees. Using Western Union is a third choice, which is also a little cheaper than bank transfer fees, I believe.

[I can also write what I think is a Band 9 model answer for a question. But since it is quite time-consuming to spend time polishing an answer to a near-perfect Band 9 standard, the cost for this is 250 for each AC Task 1 "model" answer and 350 for each Task 2 "model" answer. The equivalents in Australian (or American) dollars are $45 and $60.]

= Chinese yuan, renminbi. It does not mean Japanese yen.


This is what I will do:


Some Important Things To Note


If you are interested and want to know my bank account details, send me an email with the words, "Essay Service" in the subject line of the email. If I am busy, I will include in my reply an estimation of when I will return your essays to you. If I don't mention anything about that, you can expect me to return your essays within 2 to 7 days. You can send your essays with your first email but I will not grade them until I receive the payment, which usually takes 2 to 3 days to come through to my bank account, although PayPal is almost instantaneous.

My email address: